It’s apparent durability is important for a gamer such as myself. Were in the AV industry and our equipment regularly takes a beating. However, flaws like the fussy port flap and cable retention groove detract from the drive’s performance and price. The other one sounds like crap. Just what I need, either would do me. It’s also fussy trying to get the cable into the storage groove, and when the cable is in the groove the cable’s connectors are exposed to damage from being tossed around in your travel bag. A Comparative Review and Giveaway. I do believe the Lacie is the way to go.

Plus the faux rugged case of the Adata is just pathetic. The design of the rubber surround means no glue is needed — it can in fact be pulled right off to reveal just the sleek boxy aluminium case underneath. Adata also bundles two pieces of software both of which will turn 10 next year , both of which are mildly useful: Over the years, I have never had an issue with my seven LaCie drives. The “durable” feature is achieved with a rubber sleeve that fits over the plastic structure and is glued in place with epoxy. Well the LaCie is clearly better where it counts!

I’d take the LaCie Rugged Mini. Either one is great, but seeing as I live in a rural area and am exceedingly clumsy, the Lacie drive would ideal!

D LaCie I wait you: The more you participate, the higher your chances of winning! Why would I want a water logged, waterproof drive? LaCie mini since it survived: I prefer the Lacie. Although I have an ADATA flash drive that works perfectly well, do to your test, when it comes to a rugged portable hard drive, the choice is simple: Anything Shock Proof is great for me.

The getting started manual lists a URL you can download setup software from, but this should be included. After submerging the drive with addata test data on it I had no issues plugging the drive back in and retrieving the data. Benchmarking external hard drives will consist of three pieces of software.


Maybe just a a one of, but that was enough to want the LaCie Rugged Mini instead. However adataa driver called ntfs-3g has been available since I prefer the LaCie – I prefer the rubberized casement. Took a lot of punishment and just kept on working. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

ADATA DashDrive Durable HD – hard drive – 1 TB – USB Overview – CNET

I like the look of the adata drive but I’ve seies plenty of good reports of the lacie drive and the one I already have would push me to get the rugged mini. In theory, USB 3. But due to the fact that they did make those claims, and that the Lacie was realistic about their drive’s capabilities, plus the bundled software, I have to give the win to the Lacie.

I like LaCie Rugged Mini. I prefer the Lacie Mini but i would have loved even more if it looked like the AData. Enquires beyond this date will not be entertained. Thank you in advance.

I would prefer the LaCie Rugged Mini, thanks! Lacie Rugged Mini vs. I would go with the LaCie since I have several products from them and have always been happy with how they work. Prefer the Lacie mini. It’s not a big ding, but forewarned is forearmed as they say. Scroll down for the next article.

The other minus is because when the cable is wrapped around the drive, the cable’s sheath is exposed and could scuff and wear away at several points. I would want the Lacie Rugged Mini Thanks. You would have received an email from jackson makeuseof.

ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 External Hard Drive Review

I definitely preferred the LaCie rugged mini, it was the best of the two shown. View All 5 Photos in Gallery. Just not as sexy looking imo. While traditional users are relying a lot more on cloud storage instead of hhd710 up their local storage capacity thereby duraboe smaller capacity SSDs, for examplethere is a niche audience that wants high capacity at low cost and that — for now — can only be provided by hard disks.


Even with all of the above testing the drive maintains compatibility with current Windows operating systems next to Linux Kernel 2. A longer and more flexible USB lead, possibly with a Type-C connector at one end, would have been preferred. Of course, LaCie Rugged Mini. Find other tech and computer products asata this over at Amazon Canada’s website. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. A Comparative Review and Giveaway. From the review, I would have to chose the mini.

I would prefer Lacie Rugged Mini. Whilst LaCie never claims to be waterproofit did handle extreme rain admirably and did aadta with shock testing. Definatelly the lacie mini due to design and durability. Definitely not an unbiased review.

Besides, in practical life there would be more chances of People dropping the drive then spraying it with water or dropping it in water. I prefer the LaCie Rugged Mini: Having used both for some time I have to point out that the USB connector on the Lacie is a very common point of failure Well after reading the review I think the choice is obvious.

I’m glad the orange part can come off. Offering you better value for money and to be honest, accidents do happen. Both results are a little anomalous in this case — I would have expected NTFS to perform faster than FAT32, while the encrypted folder showed very little loss of performance.