Jassi and Viren are shocked when Naren asks him what he was trying to say him the previous night. Soon, Naren arrives home and everyone is elated. Later, Naren phones Jassi and tells her to convince Viren at any cost as his rejection to the alliance will take its toll on his job. Meanwhile, Ashok comes to see Jassi at her place. She shares her heart out to Beeji, who comforts her and assures her that everything will be soon all right. Jassi then introduces Viren to Channi.

Soon, Naren phones Jassi and tells her that he will be coming in two days. The story is about Jassi’s love affair with her brother-in-law Varinder outside her marriage. Viren feels miserable when he does not find Jassi in the kitchen during the breakfast in the morning. Jassi and Viren are shocked when Naren asks him what he was trying to say him the previous night. Jassi is talking casually with Viren, not knowing that Beeji is looking for her. On the other hand, Beeji feels good when Jassi haves her dinner and goes to bed without waiting for Viren.

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An apprehensive Jassi tells Viren that by marrying Channi he can save their relationship. Soon, Naren asks him if he still has the hangover. Viren feels bad to know that Jassi went to bed without dinner the previous night. Soon, Viren arrives and is shocked to see Beeji worried. Jassi assures Naren that there is fu,l to sadhe about. But during another ceremony Nimmi’s father and the cashier among many friends turn up to cancel the wedding of Viren and Nimmi.


Everyone in the family is very excited. Later, Jassi brings Channi homes and, and Viren mistakes her to be Jassi.

Aadhe Adhoore – Episode 24

While returning home, Jassi is surprised when Naren phones her. He realizes that Jassi is ignoring him. Jassi and Viren are taken aback when the test comes out positive. Jassi shares a good relation with her family, and she is like a friend to Viren. Jassi then asks Viren to bring the pregnancy test kit from a chemist.

This makes Beeji and Jassi very happy and they start fyll that Nimmi is trying to get the family together. However, before taking any decision, Jassi tells the family that she will first discuss with her adhjre. Viren also assures Beeji that he will never agree to that condition.

Jassi somehow manages to convince Viren to meet his prospective bride. Viren and Jassi meet to discuss on the cashier from the abortion clinic, Jassi consoles Viren saying that he might not have recognized Viren. Nimmi and Viren then talk casually in order to know their likes and dislikes.

She tells Viren that she will have to abort her pregnancy if her pregnancy is confirmed. On her mother’s insistence, Nimmi phones Jassi to apologise. Click here to login. Beeji finally asserts that the marriage celebrations have begun and henceforth, every day will be a celebration. Viren is shocked when he realizes his mistake.

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Viren obliges, and Jassi asks him make sure to buy a gift for Nimmi. He asks Jassi to convince Viren and fix this alliance, as it will also open new avenues for him in his job.


Meanwhile, Ashok comes to see Jassi at her place. More Videos of Aadhe Adhoore. Jassi and Viren are surprised to see Nimmi.

She comforts Viren and tells him that nothing has changed and everything is fine. However, Jassi remains cool and gives a befitting reply. Jassi then sarcastically tells Nimmi that she will soon learn the norms of their family. This leaves Jassi tensed and she expresses her doubts of being pregnant to Viren.

However, Jassi comforts her and assures her that there is nothing to worry about. Later, Nimmi meets Viren and informs him that their marriage date is fixed and they will be getting married after 20 days. Later, Beeji displays all the gifts that they will be giving to Nimmi. The next morning, Viren phones Nimmi and apologises to her for abruptly leaving from her place the previous night.

Jassi then introduces Viren to Channi.

The next day, Jassi makes up a story to Beeji and aavhe for Jalandhar along with Viren. Moreover, he tells Jassi that he has decided to talk to Naren.