A poor man wants his daughter to be happy, no matter what comes through. The plot revolves around Karthik and Shwetha, who are college mates from upper-middle-class families. The New Indian Express. But the doctor gets suspicious when they answer irrelevantly and chucks them out. Otherwise till the midpoint AKS is just another tale of infatuation that goes awry after the initial attraction wears out. Finally,a few months later a baby boy is born and Shwetha’s dad leaves him in an orphanage. All the characters have done justice to their roles.

They move in the same gang in the college and soon Karthi falls for Shwetha who initially does not respond as she treats him more like a friend. And soon Shwetha is eating out of Karthi’s hand and they spend some intimate moments in a sea side resort resulting in her getting pregnant. The Wolf and the Lamb However Karthi emotionally traps the vulnerable Shwetha by threatening to commit suicide. The scenes where he cries on being humiliated shows his dedication and screen presence. Iam giving this movie a solid 8 just to pat the director for coming up with an intelligent and tight script that carries on its own without any star power or crowd pleasing tricks. Aadhalaal Kadhal Seiveer is compelling – Rediff.

Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? When her mom insists that they go to a doctor to check for food poisoning, Shwetha becomes restless and shouts at her. Climzx Download Audio Books.

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The Wolf and the Lamb The movie starts very ordinarily with a choreographed song and some oft heard ‘Vaada machi’college jokes. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Now you notice his RR beautifully enhancing the mood of the sequences. First of all kudos to the director and his team for taking such a bold attempt into what seems to be the most trivial problem among today’s teenagers!!! Four adolescent boys fall prey of a baddie and things turn ugly.


This is one such film about teenage pregnancies. A very ordinary looking guy and a smart girl in their late teens fall for each other. You have watched such incidents on screen, Thalapathito name one.

The parents also argue about the marriage and when some relatives aadhakal ill about Shwetha and her character, that she has acted like a prostitute and so she must take money for her services and not ask for marriage Shwetha’s father gets insulted and he leaves the place in tears. Remember this is suburban chennai not Beverly hills where kids surprise their parents with ‘dad we just got married’ phrase. Karthik falls in love with Shwetha eventually, but he hesitates to tell her.

From here Suseendran conjures some unexpected twists and comes up with a rather commendable climax.

Retrieved 25 September Vishnu Vishal, Sri Divya, Soori. Sign in to vote. When Shwetha’s mom knows this, she fights with Karthik’s parents in front of their house, but Karthik has now changed his mind about marrying Shwetha because of the previous argument and he doesn’t care anymore and is selfish and stone faced even when her whole family is in tears in front of his house. If not for Udit narayns chewing of nuts and bolts Alai payum nenjile would have been the song of the year.

Actor Poornima Bhagyaraj makes a comeback with this film. Shwetha confides in Karthik and few other friends that she might be pregnant and they ask her to perform a self pregnancy test which turns out to be positive. So to seek revenge, she must be doing this on purpose.


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That is when Shwetha too decides that she doesn’t want to be with Karthik anymore. Right from his childhood, the motherless Jeeva grows with his focus fully on Cricket. The soundtrack of the film was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

He has come out cclimax a different kind of film climaax is sure to pull at your heartstrings and at the same time make you think of the realities of life”. Jaya Prakash is becoming a benchmark for restrained yet solid character acting. The scenes where he cries on being humiliated shows his dedication and screen presence.

But they always came together with trauma, guilt and other finer aadhxlal. Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer is an experience not to be missed”. Though amateurish the lead actors fit the roles perfectly, the film is a crisp mins and is its major plus as it does not get preachy at any point. Neither will Aadhalaal Kaadhal Seiveer! Suganth of The Times of India gave 3.

The climax of the movie is extremely heart breaking and makes us think. The New Indian Express.

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The songs have been chartbusters for quite a while. See the top 50 Tamil movies as rated by IMDb users — from evergreen hits to recent chartbusters. Moondru Per Moondru Kaadhal