This drama is a must see. I want to know is Asou is real or not. The book was published by FA Publishing Co. He was a pretty sympathetic character really, and often quite realistic. Where can I find it? This drama belongs to the number 1 spot. Erika will definitely become the next superstar.. Does anyone know if the three hour special that aired earlier this year is available on dvd?

Reviewed by sawadasmile on 21 January And that’s so sad that the mother of the real Aya wanted a love interest in the movie because she never experienced it in real life She gets off the bus and starts running in the rain, slips and falls, injuring her knee. Watashi Wo Hanasanaide Episode 4 February 14, A bit at least. The plot was from a real-life diary and it was written perfectly for the drama even with a fictional character like Asou Haruto. Reviewed by noodlefreak on 8 February The reason why I give this show a 10 is because this is one of the few shows that has made me cry.

Reviewed by Grim Eyes on 26 April And i thought that’s it. I totally love this drama, it gives hope, makes you think about your own life, the small but o-so important treasures God gives you that seem like nothing to you. No shady things whatever needed, and the quality is decent enough, if of course lower than purchasing litte legitimately. I’d enough of sad dramas.


I’m on the 5th episode now, really good so far! I can’t remember the last drama show that made such an emotional impact in me. Eplsode heartwrenching, and makes me tear up when I think about it.


I am a person who wouldn’t cry from a drama, but from this drama I really got tears. I had expected it all since the beginning. Ichi Ritoru no Namida She really motivates people with her strength and quotes.

I’m a girl, who rarely cry at films, dramas, anime and other. Nishikido Ryou, however, was a disappointment. The emotions and tears. The story is, of goocdrama, sad but also inspirational. It is the slow degeneration of certain areas of the brain often associated with poor coordination of hands, speech, and eye movements.

No one wants to be like this. I dont know what to feel. But, it got better and better as I watched. I have learnt so many things from this drama.

I got really into it after episode 6. By sugarplum Started 6 minutes ago.

One Litre of Tears Episode 1 – video dailymotion

One of the greatest drama for me. You shouldn’t miss this for the world! Comments episodr helicoptersky [Rating: Amazing story, with a great cast of actors.

Not because it’s based on a true story, but the story itself and the characters were great, really, superb even. This is the only show that has seriously made me bawl like a baby, and I watch loads of tearjerkers. They were great actors that gave this drama substance.

This drama is a must see. Heart moving, heart breaking: At times, you would just wish you could jump into the scene and bare at least half the pain for Aya.

Go To Topic Listing Japan. This drama made me feel more in the course of the few days I watched it than I’ve felt the last couple of years combined. Somehow, I’m really relieved to know that there’s strong peoples in this world that fight for their life until the very end. Comments by OCster [Rating: He’s got beautiful tears, yes.


One of the saddest stories i have ever heard in my life and also the saddest one i have ever watch on the screen. One day, Aya is about to tdars home as usual. Sawajiri Erika’s portrayal of Aya was very good, I think this is a real breakthrough for her. This book IS available in English, however, it may be very difficult to find. By pure, I mean those that lack any kind of comedy relief whatsoever.

Ichi Ritoru no Namida [1リットルの涙] ::

In etars drama, it reflects how cruel our society is. After completing this drama, it really touched me. When the new semester begins, Aya is elected class rep. Story-wise, it was painful and beautiful at episide same time –a real inspiring story. I know a lot of my friends have watched at least an episode and cried. But she falls asleep on the bus and misses her stop. If I have a chance to go japan, I will try to visit Aya.